Private Lessons 

Private lessons at Modern Dog do not go by the traditional formula like other training companies. Justin will not waste time with anything that is not useful to your needs. He will truly help you not only have a better communication system with your dog, but help you better understand your dog and their true language. Justin can help with obedience commands that will be useful for everyday life. And he will help with unwanted behaviors like leash pulling, jumping, barking, reactivity, fear, and aggression, etc. The lessons will be done in your home, and in other environments where its important. Private lessons are less about time and more about results, which means we will take the time needed to accomplish our goals.

Initial Session $150

The initial training session will be up to 2 hours in length and will start with a consultation, assessment, hands-on training and a game plan moving forward. It will include either a slip lead or a training collar that is right for your dog. You will begin to experience changes within your first lesson to create lasting results.

Additional Sessions $75

Most training companies give you no choice but to sign up for multiple sessions. At Modern Dog Co., Justin has additional sessions so you can pay only for what you need. The additional sessions can last an hour to an hour and a half.

7-Day Board & Train Plus 3 Lessons $1,300

The 7-day board & train is designed to jump start your dog's training. The first part of this package is what people have the hardest time with -  teaching your dog new behaviors and stopping unwanted ones. In the 7 days, Justin will establish the new training and lifestyle to make it easier for you to maintain. The second part is training you on what needs to be done to make sure that you have lasting success, which means three in-person sessions. The price includes all training tools your dog might need.

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