Obedience Dog Training Packages

Private Sessions

At Modern Dog, my training sessions are all about focusing on your specific needs. I want to help you have better control of your dog and stop unwanted behaviors. I can help with obedience commands that will be beneficial, and help correct behavior problems like leash pulling, excessive jumping, not coming when called, barking, reactivity, and aggression etc. We will also focus on what your dog needs from you and that their needs are being met and fulfilled. I will make sure you have clear communication, and the tools to help you have control in any environment. Training sessions are an hour long at my facility, or in your home. The 3 and 4 session packages include training collar, and leash if needed.

1 Session $90, 3 Session $250, 4 Session $300
Board & Train 

Your dog will enjoy a stay of 7-14 days within the home of a professional dog trainer. With board & train, you will see faster results because of the 24/7 attention to your dog. We customize each program to fit your needs. Your dog will stay in my home with me and my dogs, and be treated with the utmost care, and attention. On top of all the training your dog will get plenty of socialization with new dogs, people, and environments.  Certain skills require greater lengths of time and we want to customize a program that best fits your dog. At the end of the board & train, there is a go home lesson to instruct you on how to continue to train your pup,and 1 follow up lesson within a month. 



7 day $900, 14 day $1500
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